Welcome to elbMUN Conference 2020!

Planting peace on common ground

Dear students from all over the world, future delegates: 

we are honoured to invite you to our elbMUN 2019 conference at the Saxon Parliament in the beautiful city of Dresden. From April first through fifth, four councils will once again engage in heated debate on relevant and controversial issues of international politics. 

This year's motto "Planting peace on common ground" reflects our understanding of worldwide cooperation.

The primary responsibility of the United Nations system is to establish peace. In order to achieve further goals such as prosperity and equality, the international community must first tackle the age-old threat of armed conflict. Both internal and interstate wars pose severe threats to humans and our political systems. The United Nations has had a significant impact on peace when it renewed the manner of inter-state conflict resolution by creating an arena for compromise and cooperation.

How does one establish peace between ethnic groups and nations that have always lived in conflict with each other? We believe, the key to progressive world politics lies in finding a common thread. Once a shared interest or value is found by two parties, even if it is the mere principle of humanity, it builds the basis for a peace process. We have faith in the concept of common ground. In a time where the divide between societal groups increase all over the world, empathy for the political opponent is a rare asset and yet the premise for peaceful collaboration.

Together with you, we want to do our part in clearing the way for peace through passionate debate and mutual appreciation. As a team also hope to bring you, dear delegates, closer together. In the end, peace starts with people who are willing to believe in and work for it. 

Welcome to elbMUN 2019!

Paul Klahre and Lena Bühring, 

Secretaries General

Contact: secretariesgeneral@elbmun.org

United Nations Security Council 2020


The topic will be announced soon.