OPEN: 2018 Chair Applications

Dear MUN-enthusiasts,

As the preparations for this year’s conference are already well-advanced, our next step is to consider applications for the positions of chairpersons. We are looking for passionate, proactive and experienced chairs. If you have already gained some experience in the colorful world of MUNs that you believe makes you capable of confidently presiding over one of our councils, we are encouraging you to submit an application. Check out the wide variety of topics our conference team has prepared for this year: we are certain that among ECOSOC, DISEC, UNSC and HRC, you will find a council that suits your personal field of interest. The application deadline will be January 30, 2018.

You can start your application here:

Apply now and become the linchpin of elbMUN 2018!

Dennis Pöhland and Rachel Behring

Secretary-Generals of elbMUN 2018