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Sponsors and Donors - elbMUN asks for your benefit

Thank you for your interest in elbMUN. We warmly welcome your interest in supporting this international project of civic education and international communication. We would like to get in touch with you and provide you with any detail your require. Our bank account:

Elbe Model United Nations e.V.
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Dresdner Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken eG
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DE70 8509 0000 3130 8310 19

We are immensely grateful for every contribution as we need all the help we can get to realize this comprehensive and ambitious project. We try to keep the cost for the individual participants as low as possible in order to give everybody the opportunity to take part in the conference. This is only possible with the help of our sponsors and donors. Therefore, thank you very much for your contribution!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Finance Team.

Dear participants-to-be,

we - the participants support like to wish you a warm welcome to elbMUN 2017! Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any further questions on the procedure of the conference. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon and of course to see you at the conference!

For specific questions regarding visa issues please contact our Visa Office.

Chair Support

Dear Chairs of elbMUN 2017,

We are at your disposal for any questions you may have around the conference and chairing it. We will be glad to answer your questions, resolve your problems and help you with everything that could arise in the meantime.

We are already excited about meeting you in April in Dresden at elbMUN Conference 2017! Please contact!

Partner MUNs

If your MUN is interested in becoming a elbMUN partner-MUN please contact


Please contact our Press Team.


For any questions relating to our website, the registration process or other technical problems please contact

Legal Notice

Elbe Model United Nations e. V.


Liable according to §5 TMG:

Fiona Feller
Jörn-Jakob Luhn
Timo Weishaupt

elbMUN Team 2017

Executive Board

We, Lukas Reichl, Esther Breffka, and Ronja Ganster along with our treasurer Daniel Böhmer are delighted to introduce ourselves to you as the Executive Board of the elbMUN Association.

As part of last year’s organisation team, we joined the elbMUN family and each of us gained experiences in different teams.  The overwhelming experience of elbMUN Conference 2016 gave us the confidence to take on the responsibility of planning next year’s project. With the belief in our association’s values and our understanding of elbMUN as a leading Model United Nations Conference we are confident we will fulfil the responsibilities derived from this mandate.

Ten dedicated teams are doing their best in order to enrich our community and organise the elbMUN Conference 2016. It is our task to maintain steady communication between the different parties, structure our schedule, supervise the on-going work and to supplement and support the planning process with our ideas.

We are eagerly looking forward to coming April, when once again Dresden will welcome dedicated students from all over the world to participate in the elbMUN Conference 2017.


Conference Team

Even though we have quite a broad name, we are mainly busy with the content of our committees to ensure the most interesting debates possible.

So after agreeing on councils, we set the agenda and write little teasers for our website. We’ll go on with our content work: Choosing chairs and preparing our crisis all come down to us.

Parallel to that, we prepare the Delegates’ Handbook and, as a new initiative this year, we’ll guide you through your preparation to get down to an amazing elbMUN Conference 2017 coming April!


Cooperation Team

In the past, elbMUN handled partnerships with other MUN organisations as well as UN affiliated institutions quite inconsistently. To change that, the newly formed Cooperation Team has set its task to establish a broad partnership programme.

We are aiming to extend partnerships beyond mutual promotion, to create meaningful friendships and to build a strong network based on common interests. We plan to build a platform, where knowledge and experiences form the past can be shared, so one can profit from each other and further develop their projects in the future. In the end, we hope that we will be able to increase the quality of our conference and provide an even better experience for our participants by using synergies generated through cooperation with young people sharing the MUN-spirit around the world.

Anyone interested in becoming a part in harvesting the enormous potential we believe lying within close partnerships is very welcome to contact us.


Delegation Team

Learning by Doing - Our Team is continuously looking for other interesting MUNs which could be worth a visit. As a delegation we then try to collectively attend the chosen MUN in order to acquire vital skills for the next elbMUN Conference. Last year's trip to LVMUN in Riga is a perfect example of a memorable and rewarding experience. 

Moreover, we get in contact with lots of delegates around the globe and thereby extend our internationally-orientated network. Taking a look at other MUNs can be very helpful for the future developement of our own elbMUN Conference.


Finance Team

No money, no honey - as the finance-team at elbMUN, we pave the way to make elbMUN Conference 2016 possible in the first place.  By contacting sponsors, collecting grants and creative acquisition of further sources we work hard to make elbMUN an affordable experience for  everyone. This requires fresh ideas, creative writing and unbending efforts. Unfortunately, elbMUN’s streets are not paved with gold yet - if you are interested in supporting the financial acquisition, do not hesitate to contact us.


Guestspeaker Team

Our Team is responsible for organising the guest speakers, who will give expert advice and additional schematic input to the different elbMUN councils. We are inviting speakers, who have gathered experience in political, economic or civil society backgrounds and have a deep insight into recent international issues and developments. The speeches and the discussions will be held in English and French respectively, depending on the particular council.


Logistics Team

For the Logistics team, it’s all about your physical well-being during the elbMUN Conference 2016. We take care of your accommodation by recruiting nice people from Dresden who will let you sleep at their place for free. This project is called “Got A Couch?”.

Another important point is the catering. You will enjoy a delicious vegetarian lunch every day at the Saxon State Parliament as well as little refreshments and pastry during our coffee break. As a sustainable MUN, we cooperate with local suppliers and use organic and/or fair trade products whenever possible.

On top of that, you will receive a unique “Welcome Package” - the design of this cotton bag is different every year and thus makes it a perfect souvenir of your trip! It contains lots of helpful information for the conference as well as some goodies for leisure time. The Logistics team also provides you with tickets for the public transport, which enables you to get around the wonderful city of Dresden ecologically and for free.

We hope to make your stay as pleasant as possible!


Public Relations Team

The public relations team is responsible for shaping the distinctive public profile and image of the elbMUN Conference 2016.

This includes all means of promotion such as presentation material, flyers and our online appearance. In order to ensure that the conference features participants from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, we approach international universities and their students, as well as networks across Europe to promote the elbMUN project and recruit a unique bunch of participants from all over the globe.

During the conference, we dedicatedly produce and publish the take-home-magazine “The Stream" and the daily news show “elbMUN-TV” in order to report on the conference while it is under way, ensuring that the participants and the public always stay up to date on the latest events and developments.


Registration Team

As Registration Team it is our main task to register all of the participants and to assist them during the registration process. We organise all the incoming registrations and assign the countries and committees to all the participants. This requires being in touch with applicants from all over the world. Additionally, we try to help participants from non-EU-countries to get a visa for Germany. We try to provide support to all our participants by sending them the most important information and the forms necessary and we also correspond with the German embassies in the different countries to explain why participating in elbMUN is an important and good cause to receive a visa for Germany.

Our main goal and motivation is to make as many participants as possible from all over the world feel welcome in Dresden in order to create a truly international and enriching MUN.


Social Events Team

As a delegate of the elbMUN, you are going to negotiate some of the most pressing challenges of our century. A task of that dimension demands a high degree of concentration, perseverance and diplomatic skills from everyone.

However, there is something else that is part of every MUN: meeting new people from around the world! We, the social events team, will take care of your free time whilst you are here Dresden, and give you the opportunity to get to know other delegates without their suits and working papers on them.

We will show you the cultural metropolis of Dresden and provide the locations and framework program for you to relax and socialize after a long day's work. Last but not least, the next legendary elbMUN ball is already in planning, so don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes!